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      Los Angeles is big. Like, REALLY big. You aren't supposed to know every street and every neighborhood. How could you? In a city that speaks more than 140 different languages and represents over 180 different nationalities, it's hard to know where to look. Lucky for you, all you actually need to know is what is important to you. What must be near you? What needs to be as far away as possible?

Through an alignment with the John Aaroe Group, as well as my own desire to match human and home, we (as in YOU and ME...this is a team process after all, am I right?) will find you the perfect home. Selling your home? Just as rewarding and exciting. All you have to do is reach out and I'll handle the rest. I'm that good.


Jen Dunlavy

      Born & raised in Southern California, I began my career 20 years ago in the fashion industry. My twin sister and I had just returned from Milan, Italy, with a new found love of all things 'creative', from architecture to design.  Almost instantly, my sister, Julie Ann, and I developed and launched our own clothing line at Fred Segal, Scoop NYC, and many other boutiques across the country. Two years into our clothing venture, I transitioned into Interior Design. With an evident awareness for current and upcoming trends, it seemed obvious. 

After catching the eye of several casting directors, my sister and I filmed numerous design shows and were featured in the 'Successful Women in Business' issue of Vogue Magazine for Interior Design.  

Fast forward to today: Real Estate. It just makes sense, right? It's the YIN to my resume's YANG. Helping a client find or sell a home or office is just the first step. I am able to, and often do, stage, redesign, consult on cosmetic fixes and also on what kind of financial impact certain adjustments/remodeling will accrue before an offer is made. My knowledge here, let alone experience, is invaluable as we currently stand submerged in a booming market with properties moving RAPIDLY. 

Living in L.A. can be STRESSFUL, but it doesn't have to be. The connections we make and the lives we touch are how we make it easier. The process of buying or selling your home is one of the most rewarding things a person can do, so let's DO IT! I love the feeling I get when I know your new home has been found or when you decide to move on to your next!

Let's talk soon.


“Home is not a place....

it's a feeling.”

- every home owner, ever



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